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Make life easier with our maid service

So, you’ve just finished a hard day at the office, ran around playing taxi driver to the kids and kept up with all the demands of the modern world, and now you’re struggling to find both the time and energy to give your home the kind of cleaning it deserves.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, things don’t have to be so stressful. Simply make life easier with a domestic cleaner. What we do is more than just cleaning it lifestyle management for busy families.

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To Book give us a call on 0800 530 0173 or 07758 928 575 , or book online using the button below.


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Office cleaners in the Windsor area

You’re looking to hire reputable office cleaners, which means you’re looking to find cleaners who understand that  keeping a sparkling clean office creates a great first impression for visitors to your premises, not to mention maintaining a healthy, happy work environment for your employees.

It means you’re looking for cleaning service providers who combine the experience and expertise needed to leave your office looking brand new, day in, day out.

It also means you can stop looking. You’ve found exactly the kind of reliable, experienced cleaners you’re looking for in SmartClean.

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For a free quote on our professional office cleaning services, call us free on 0800 530 0173, or book online.


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CRB Checked School Cleaning Service

At SmartClean, we understand how important it is that our school cleaners are CRB checked. School cleaning services provided by us include fully trained, police checked and insured staff with the experience and dedication to create  a clean school environment which shines just as bright as your pupils.

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Available whenever you need us, simply call  0800 530 0173 or 07758 928 575 or book online to hire professional school cleaners.


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Cleaning your Shop

We understand the importance of having a retail store which sparkles, providing a clean and safe environment whilst ensuring that your brand is one your customers trust. That’s why we provide branded uniform staff cleaning services.

Our cleaners blend into your operation with uniforms bearing your company brand  and go about delivering an exceptional retail cleaning service no matter how big nor small your store may be.

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For a free quote on our retail and branded uniform cleaning services, call us free on 0800 530 0173, or book online.



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End of tenancy cleaners

We provide experienced end of tenancy cleaners.

Whether you’re a tenant who needs to make sure your place is spotless before moving out to get your deposit back, or a landlord who needs a trained, professional cleaners to restore your property to its former glory before re-letting, we’re here to help.

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For a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, call us on 0800 530 0173 or 07758 928 575 or book online.



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Event cleaners 

So, you’re running a big event in Berkshire, but with so much to do on the day, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning up afterwards. Don’t worry, our professional event cleaners are here to help.

We know the kind of mess that can get left behind after events, and we also know the fastest, most efficient way to get the venue looking as clean and tidy as it was before the even started.

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For a free quote on our event cleaning services, call us free on 0800 530 0173, or book online.



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Professional carpet cleaning

When you want your carpets looking as good as new, there’s only one thing for it; professional carpet cleaning from SmartClean.

Available for both business and domestic cleaning, we’ll remove the dust, dirt and allergens from your carpets to leave you with a clean, healthy environment to live, work and play.

What’s more, we also offer a regular maintenance programme, monitoring your carpets and letting you know when they need another clean.

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To find out more about our professional cleaning services, call us on 0800 530 0173 or 07758 928 575 or book online.



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A washroom and hygiene supplier you can rely on

Are you looking for a washroom and hygiene supplier you can rely on? Are you looking to keep your washroom fully stocked with environmentally friendly hygiene and janitorial products? Look no further than SmartClean, Berkshire’s premier provider of washroom supplies.

To find out about contracting us as your washroom and hygiene supplier, on 0800 530 0173 or 07758 928 575 or book online.