Keeping Your Workplace Clean Will Improve Employee Productivity

We understand that keeping your employees happy and healthy is the key to a successful business. Yet with to do lists as long as your arm, sometimes finding the right way to go about employee happiness can creep it’s way down your priorities. As a business owner there is always something to think about and plenty of things to put into action. So, how can you keep your employees healthy, happy and working hard?

Clean Offices Equal Clean Minds

clutteredofficeDid you know that a dirty workplace can decrease employee productivity? Not every staff member wants to come into work when there’s remnants of yesterday’s lunch still sitting in the office bin. There’s nothing more off putting than a pile of dust and dirt taller than the stack of paperwork on your desk. When a workplace is unclean it can drain the motivation out of staff members, meaning less productivity and therefore less profit. Mess can be a distraction to many employees, with the desire to clean outweighing the desire to call clients. A clean office ensures a clean mind, plenty of motivation and a positive outlook on the day.

Dust and Dirt Spread Germs

Employee sick days can be a pain for any employer and sometimes they really cannot be helped. However, a dirty workplace can spread germs which means a greater likelihood of sick days. Not only that, but if one person becomes ill in an unclean office then it can spread extremely quickly. Before you know it, half of your workforce are off sick; leaving you to pick up the pieces. To prevent germs from spreading it is vitally important to keep the work environment clean and tidy. Bins need to be emptied, surfaces wiped down and toilets kept sparkling. That way, when an employee next calls in sick you know that it wasn’t due to a grimy office!

Keeping the Workplace Clean

cleanofficeNow that we have looked at the reasons why a clean workplace improves employee productivity, how do you put that into practice? You could stay a few hours after work each night and try to keep it clean yourself or even ask for volunteers from the office to tidy up. However, who wants to work all day and then have to clean up an entire workplace afterwards? There’s also all of the equipment that you need to invest in as well. Vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets, cleaning supplies, carpet cleaners; is this an expense that every business owner can afford right now? Probably not!

To keep the workplace clean, without distracting staff members or having to DIY it, you can rely on an expert office cleaning service to do all of the hard work for you. Our professional cleaners can visit early in the morning (before staff come in) or in the evening (when staff have gone home), to ensure your workplace is clean and tidy. Canteen areas, bathrooms, desks, floors and even windows can be cleaned, sanitised and ready for the next working day. This ensures your staff can work to the best of their abilities; cutting down sick days and distractions whilst improving productivity and profits!

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